Python Program

Program Overview

Similar to how humans can understand and use many different languages, a computer can understand the ideas and concepts that we input through several different programming languages. However, some languages are easier to learn, while others have a wider application.

At Brainy CS Hub, Python is the first text-based programming language students learn in our coding classes. This is because Python is easy to understand, versatile in its multiple uses, and it continues to be frequently used in the industry. 

Also, compared to other popular programming languages such as Java and C, Python is an easy and practical program for introduction that prevents students from feeling overwhelmed.

Python Classes

Python Level 1

Learn and master the basics that will be used in all of your future programming.

Python Level 2

Learn features of the Python language to simplify cumbersome tasks.

Python Level 3

Learn problem solving skills, theoretical concepts, and how to manage larger programs.