Coding for Kids

Program Overview

Computers are everywhere and are used in all sorts of creative ways. However, a computer can’t think for itself – it works by blindly following instructions. It can only carry out tasks when the tasks have been broken down into simple steps that tell it exactly what to do. 

Programming, or coding, simply means telling a computer what to do. And programmers use different programming languages to give instructions to computers. However, most advanced programming languages are text-based. Learning these languages and understanding their syntax rules can be challenging for young students. 

Therefore, in our Coding for Kids program, we use Scratch, a block-based programming language created by MIT, to help young students start their computer science journeys. Scratch helps teach the core concepts of programming while eliminating the traditional stumbling blocks of typing and syntax errors. 

Best of all, Scratch is actually fun to use even adults will enjoy using it!

Program Overview

Coding & Computational Thinking for Kids (Scratch)

Your very first class in Computer Science! Learn to code, create games, have fun in Scratch! Know more about how computer works! Suitable for students aged 7-10.

App Development & Machine Learning for Kids

Develop your our apps and understand the development process! Understand how machine learning works! Suitable for students who have completed the Scratch course.